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Alison has had extensive training in ballet , jazz, and modern dance. She competed for many years as a Rhythmic gymnast and was a member of the United States Junior National Team . Alison spent time training in Bulgaria and also had the opportunity to compete in several countries such as France, Portugal, and Canada.

Alison valued education and received her BFA in Dance at Jacksonville University where she was a member of the JU Dolphin dance team. Alison wanted to pursue her love for dance following college and was excited for the opportunity to dance professionally for the NFL. She cheered for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a member of the Roar for four seasons. Alison was awarded for her work ethic and attended four Super Bowls as a celebrity cheerleader. She was able to continue sharing her gift and worked as the cheerleader and choreographer for the Oliver Stone movie "Any Given Sunday ". Alison has been teaching dance, rhythmic gymnastics, and contortion stretch for 28 years and continues to share her passion with her students.

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