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Our Tiny Novice team is made up of our youngest dancers! Our goal is to help grow their love for the sport of dance and competition. While strengthening their technique and performance skills. This group is for individuals who are new to All Stars but are ready for skill based teams. This group will practice once a week while also attending local competitions throughout the season.

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The Tiny Team will practice twice a week and will appear in multiple competitions throughout the season. This team is looking for dancers who are ready to compete and who are ready for any challenge. We are looking for dancers that have previous experience.

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At this level we are looking for dancers with previous experience. These dancers will be challenged to their full potential as they will be practicing three times a week while also competing in a variety of competitions.

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Our Youth team focuses on team skills with concentrated training in choreography, counts, group execution, and preparing for competitions while practicing 3 times a week.

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These dancers take class twice a week and compete in competitions that are within traveling distance! Their class schedule includes a variety of both performance routines and technique classes to help create well rounded dancers. 

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These dancers are some of the most dedicated athletes we have, As they train three times a week while also learning a variety of different styles of dance. This team will have the opportunity to travel to different competitions throughout the season. 

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This group of Dancers is our highest level and most dedicated dancers. They will train three times a week in multiple different styles of dance while competing at the highest level at various competitions. 

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